Equine Lameness Diagnosis in Longmont & Castle Rock, CO & serving clients in Berthoud, Erie & Elizabeth, CO

To help horse owners better understand the tools we routinely use at VetweRx to evaluate their horse's soundness, the following section of this website reviews a series of actual cases we have treated.

We first discuss your horse's anatomy, using diagrams and actual limb dissections. We then demonstrate our ability to visualize these structures using digital radiography and ultrasound. Finally we examine some traumatic injuries and developmental abnormalities that you may encounter with your horse.

Please note that all of the images were taken on site with our own equipment, and the pathology represents real cases that we have treated.

Our practice is capable of administering state-of-the-art treatments for lameness such as IRAP, PRP (platelet rich plasma), and bone marrow derived stem cells. Learn more on our Regenerative Medicine.